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Dr. Craig Koshlap is an Olathe Chiropractor providing gentle chiropractic care for all ages using the advanced Activator Method. We use an instrument to comfortably realign the vertebrae. This allows your body to heal by reabsorbing the inflammation and reducing muscle spasm. Feel better without all the twisting or cracking!

Ridgeview Chiropractic is a friendly, family practice. Dr. K performs a thorough evaluation to identify your problem, and takes the time to explain your problem and the course of treatment. We can help with a variety of conditions including low back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and much more.

For questions contact info@ridgeviewchiropractic.com or call 913-890-7370.

The Activator Method Revolutionizes Chiropractic Care

Dr. Craig Koshlap is proud to provide gentle chiropractic care for people suffering from acute pain, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and to those who are just looking to enhance their well-being. Dr. Koshlap holds an advanced proficiency rating in the Activator Methods Technique. This method utilizes a hand-held instrument to gently restore the proper position of any misaligned vertebra, thereby reducing nerve irritation and improving the patient’s symptoms. This is a very safe and effective way to be adjusted. The technique has been around since the late 1960’s and becomes more and more popular as research shows that it is a gentle, yet effective way to move the vertebra back in to place. The patient does not even hear any “cracking” in their spine with the Activator technique. This is the ideal technique for someone who would like to go to a chiropractor but does not like the idea of getting their neck and back “popped”. So many people are relieved to find out that there is another way!

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Ridgeview Chiropractic care – Your place for top spine care in Olathe.

Dr. K (as patients affectionately call him) has helped people of all ages and occupations, from infants to senior citizens, from high school athletes to those stuck behind a computer all day. Ridgeview Chiropractic is definitely a family practice!

So how does someone’s spine become “misaligned”? We like to use “The Chicken and the Egg” analogy. Sometimes you can do something physical where you know immediately that you tweaked your back or your neck- like a car accident, sports injury or just lifting the kids wrong. This cause immediate subluxations, or partial dislocations, of the spine, which then tightens up the muscles. Other times it is a repetitive motion that first tightens up the muscles and then causes gradual malpositions of the spine- like poor posture from sitting at the computer, carrying the baby on your hip, sleeping on your shoulder, or even sitting on your wallet in the car. Either way, you get a combination of undesirable effects on your body, including muscle tightness, vertebral misalignments, joint inflammation and nerve irritation.

So whether you have been suffering from a problem for 2 days or 20 years, Ridgeview Chiropractic may be your answer!

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"Dr. K. uses an activator for adjustments; no pain-and I always have relief of my pain when I leave."

"Dr. K and his staff are great! I have gone to a chiropractor for most of my adult life and never have I felt as good as I do now."

"Dr. K and staff are awesome. Dr. K uses the Activator Method which has really helped me out."


Dr. Craig Koshlap